see i think i might be mistaken cos i thought everyone, at the very least, liked stannis baratheon BUT ITS NOT TRUE AND LOADS OF MY FRIENDS WERE HAVING A GO AND I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT ON EARTH - Anonymous

NO DUDE WE’RE A MINORITY, DON’T BE FOOLED BY THE INTERNET. like, of the 82342983423 people i know irl who watch/read game of thrones, i think only 2 or 3 actually like stannis as much as i do. IT’S A LONELY ROAD, MAN.

  1. ambitious--but-rubbish said: But…but…I could’ve sworn people started liking Stannis after the last three books or so…How have I been so blind to the not-liking-Stannis bandwagon? How do they not see what we see..?
  2. bedlamtimes said: I thought the same, ‘cause I love Stannis and one friend of mine too, and well… then when some of my friends started to watched GoT or read the books they HATE Stannis and I was like “What? DUDE, HE’S AWESOME MOTHERFUCKER”. So yes, a lonely road :(
  3. passionslikemine said: BUT THAT’S THE GLORY OF THE INTERNET! Even the characters who don’t get enough love get blogs dedicated to their greatness!
  4. konduits said: stannis smells like a dirty diaper
  5. jessurpuppy said: it’s so lonely and it hurts. At least everyone seems to accept that stephen dillane is 10/10 “would do” now
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