Where is it I've read that someone condemned to death says or thinks, an hour before his death, that if he had to live on some high rock, on such a narrow ledge that he'd only room to stand, and the ocean, everlasting darkness, everlasting solitude, everlasting tempest around him, if he had to remain standing on a square yard of space all his life, a thousand years, eternity, it were better to live so than to die at once. Only to live, to live and live! Life, whatever it may be! ( / )
Anonymous said:
Do you think Game of Thrones will really have 10 seasons? I thought maybe 8 but I really have no idea anymore.

i have no idea but they might catch up with the books so it’s possible that they mince the longer books. they’re already halving asos so that’s 4 seasons down. maybe they’ll halve affc. so that’s 6 seasons down. adwd’s SO FRICKIN LONG BRO so maybe they’ll give that 3 so that’s 9 seasons. then maybe 2 seasons each for the last 2 books. actually i’m not sure i’m just picturing myself 10 years from now feeding my infant while i watch rickon grow up to be hannibal.

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