Do you think Game of Thrones will really have 10 seasons? I thought maybe 8 but I really have no idea anymore. - Anonymous

i have no idea but they might catch up with the books so it’s possible that they mince the longer books. they’re already halving asos so that’s 4 seasons down. maybe they’ll halve affc. so that’s 6 seasons down. adwd’s SO FRICKIN LONG BRO so maybe they’ll give that 3 so that’s 9 seasons. then maybe 2 seasons each for the last 2 books. actually i’m not sure i’m just picturing myself 10 years from now feeding my infant while i watch rickon grow up to be hannibal.

  1. underfoots said: adwd is so slow though omg maybe they’ll cut out some stuff and also i think season 4 would have asos and affc too? (not completely sure on that)
  2. genghis-khanteven said: Isn’t ASOS already split into two books though (sometimes atleast) I thought they were pretty much just following the pattern of the books for the time being
  3. conningtons said: i think they’ll run affc and the first half of adwd together, since that’s how it’s supposed to be read and how things happen chronologically. but it will be weird as to how those seasons are split up.
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