fancast meme: older versions of existing characters (2/10)

george blagden as rickon stark. (with bonus future scene)

fancast meme: race swap (1/4)

forest whitaker as robert baratheon, michael k williams as stannis baratheon, chiwetel ejiofor as renly baratheon.
fancasting meme

entirely self-serving meme because i love fancasting and using stock screencaps and footage to portray scenes not included in current material. this isn’t fandom-specific although i’ll be doing it for game of thrones.

eleven existing characters’ younger versions (as teenagers, students, etc)
ten existing characters’ older versions (what you imagine they look like in a couple of decades)
nine characters’ parents and/or family members who aren’t portrayed in the show/movie
eight alternate universe premises (ex. modern au, dark ages au, dystopia au, etc)
seven canon locations that have yet to be shown
six canon or headcanon backstory/flashback scenes
five canon historical figures (ex. aegon the conqueror for game of thrones, godric gryffindor for harry potter, etc)
four race-swapped characters
three gender-swapped characters
two canon legends/myths/lore
one character from another fandom if they existed in that world (ex. harry potter as a stark, samwise gamgee as a butler in downton abbey). lol, for kicks.
BONUS fancast yourself as a character in that world—yeah that’s right, a self-insert ;)
feel free to switch things around if you wanna do this meme. depends on how much worlding you’ve got for your fandom. :)