Catelyn knew that Edmure had a soft heart; sometimes she thought his head was even softer. She loved him for it.

He will rise again and will come for us, he will reward us beyond any of his other supporters!
marauders era lestranges: eva green as bellatrix lestrange, toby stephens as rodolphus lestrange, luke evans as rabastan lestrange

Has the death of Davos’s son changed his character at all, in a way that you’ve noticed?

Liam Cunningham: You could tell there was a fantastic relationship between the two of them, and I think the relationship with Shireen has developed because he’s lacking his one son, which I think was seven sons in the book. I think what’s great is that, in the show, we’re able to show that this guy’s a good dad, and he’s probably the only dad that Shireen has, and she’s comfortable around him.(x)